We all have some shared interests and we may find ourselves hanging out in the same places.
When those two overlap, we discover our shared storylines and the power we have together.
It’s up to us to make the most of that.

Energizing brands with the power of shared storylines.

Suzette Garvey of Storybent Creative is a brand consultant and storyteller for brands elevating quality of life.

Services include brand analysis and core messaging, content journey mapping, customer experience analysis, digital marketing, public relations, content marketing and more. Quality of life encompasses life satisfaction as it relates to health, prosperity, self-actualization, freedoms, the environment and relationships.

Serving customer-focused brands locally and nationally, year after year

Believing in your brand

If you didn’t believe in your brand, you wouldn’t be here browsing for a brand consultant and storyteller. Your customers want to be believe in your brand, too. Meeting them where they are is the sweet spot Suzette calls “Shared Storylines”.

Simply put, engagement thrives through shared storylines.