Brand management consulting built on your culture and customer experience

Mindful marketing prioritizes the human elements of a brand to connect people with meaningful experiences.

As Donald Miller wrote in his book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”, people want to live a story … where their experiences and purchases have meaning. Products and services fill needs for consumers. These are needs driven largely by emotion. In fact, multiple studies and books by Antonio Damasio, a leading Portuguese-American neuroscientist, indicate up to 90% of decisions are made on emotion. Respecting that process begins with respecting the customer experience.

Purchases generate emotion and meaning.

Brands are extensions of people.

Brands are similar to people because they’re comprised of people providing a product or service. Just as people have their unique personalities, so do brands. Strategic brand management brings intentionality to your brand’s emotional benefits, functional benefits, goals and tone. This furthers consistency along every part of the customer journey.

Be mindful that your priorities and actions always make their way into the customer experience. Simply put, customers expect you to put energy into the relationship. They’re looking for evidence of empathy, efficiencies, transparency and two-way conversations. As new technologies and customer priorities evolve, so should your customer experience.

Your customers expect more.

Brand management consulting

Storybent Creative specializes in brand management with a collaborative workshop approach for customer-focused strategies rooted in your purpose and culture.

Brand strategy and positioning

Reveals your brand’s greatest opportunities and differentiation by exploring purpose, culture, industry evolution, audience pain points and brand benefits

Learn more about brand strategy and audience personas.

Content journey mapping

Identifies content for each phase of the customer experience, customized by audience

Customer experience analysis

Pinpoints gaps, redundancies and inconsistencies with the customer experience so you can grow toward a more streamlined, powerful brand-customer relationship

Reimagine the sales funnel as the brand-customer hourglass — a cyclical process, built for greater engagement.


12-month strategic marketing calendar

Paces and prioritizes your marketing in a way that meets customers where they are, while harnessing your budget and agility for new opportunities

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes and download a marketing calendar template.

Crisis communications plan

Knits your unique culture and purpose with national best practices for communicating brand tensions in a way that honors customer trust and goodwill

The 8Ts are building blocks for a crisis communication plan that’s manageable and adaptable.

"Suzette is the consummate professional that designed, orchestrated, and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy to a multi-million dollar, multi-specialty, physician consolidation and integration project. She is a passionate, collaborative, savvy marketing partner that brought valuable expertise, intuition, and understanding of customer segments to the project. Her team effectively communicated and promoted changes to our services through the optimal mix of tactics and customer channels. Suzette's efforts were instrumental in successfully maintaining patient-physician continuity and improving the organization's market position throughout the transition."

Brian M. Van Hall, FACHE, international health care executive with Cure International

"I highly recommend Storybent Creative. We now have more clarity and a defined process to work through for our PR needs. The team led us through helpful exercises to get to the heart of our organization and how to communicate that with a greater audience. We are grateful for their work and highly recommend Storybent Creative for marketing and PR needs."

Rich Nibbe, regional faith-based organization leader with Ada Bible Church

"Suzette did an amazing job of researching and analyzing my client base via well-thought surveys and follow-up including interviews. She also facilitated an enjoyable round table discussion with prior clients. All of this allowed me to better understand what is important to my clients and why they choose to work with me. Additionally, she put together a summary plan with action items tailored to my specific business that has helped my business grow. This was a unique and valuable experience to me and a fantastic ROI!"

Eldon Palmer, regional real estate professional with Eldon Palmer Realty

A holistic brand strategy

Storybent Creative’s strategic consulting gives you the agility and confidence to address big picture goals and day-to-day details. A holistic brand strategy allows your leadership team to see around corners and be better prepared for exceeding customer expectations.