NeoRelief | Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Print Content and Media Relations

As an opioid alternative, NeoRelief’s product line of topical pain relief blends well-selected active botanicals and minerals for soothing relief without dyes, perfumes or counterirritants.

Storybent Creative was brought in to assist with focus group data gathering, which lead to developing new core messaging and a rebranding process. Throughout the rebranding process, Storybent Creative directed the following marketing strategies and tactics: Master strategic calendar for overall marketing strategy, product packaging copywriting, website refresh with SEO copywriting, blog strategy and posts, creative direction and storyboarding for brand video and photo shoots, digital advertising creative strategy and copywriting, sales strategy, CRM training and strategy, social media strategy and management, media relations and influencer marketing strategy and engagement.

Visit for more information on addressing pain through garden-to-medicine cabinet gentleness.